A Look at Newcastle United’s Trophy Wins

A Look at Newcastle United’s Trophy Wins

Newcastle United Football Club, established in 1892 and with a long and distinguished history on the pitch since, boasts an enviable success story on and off the pitch. Over its history, Newcastle United has won many trophies to cement its place in footballing lore and winged numerous major trophies since. We will take a closer look at some of these major achievements here in this article (as of February 2023).

Number of trophies won by Newcastle United as of February 2023
Number of trophies won by Newcastle United as of February 2023

FA Cup Trophies Newcastle United (6 Trophies)

has emerged victorious on six separate occasions in England’s most renowned domestic cup competition – the FA Cup. Their triumph in this competition showcases their ability to compete successfully at the highest levels.

English Football Champions (4 Trophies)

Newcastle United have proudly captured four English Football Championship titles during its long and distinguished history, evidence of their dominance and excellence within English football.

English Second-tier Champions (4 Trophies)

Newcastle United’s success in both English Premier League and English Second-tier competition is well documented, but they also boast four titles as English Second-tier Champions that showcase resilience and determination to overcome any hardship or setback.

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (1 Trophy)

Newcastle United have enjoyed notable European exploits, highlighted by a stunning triumph in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup – an important precursor for both UEFA Cup and Europa League competitions. Their victory in this cup underlines Newcastle United’s international pedigree and competitive edge.

FA Charity Shield (1 Trophy)

Newcastle United have had some success at winning the FA Charity Shield, an annual football match between winners of both FA Cup and English Football League competitions, on one occasion. Their victory shows their dedication to charitable causes and community involvement.


Newcastle United boasts an impressive collection of silverware spanning domestic and international competitions. Their FA Cup wins and league titles serve as testament to their long history and lasting legacy in English football.

A Look at Newcastle United’s Trophy Wins: A Data Visualization Project

In this article, we explored the total Newcastle United’s Trophy Wins through data visualization techniques. The visualizations were created using Python 3 and the following libraries:

  • Matplotlib
  • NumPy

To access the full code and visualize the data yourself, you can find the GitHub repository (A Look at Newcastle United’s Trophy Wins).

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