Football Scouting Template with Notion [FREE]

Football Scouting Template with Notion [FREE]

Introduction Football Scouting Template

Football scouting is a crucial aspect of the sport, playing a pivotal role in identifying and evaluating talent that can elevate a team’s performance. In the digital age, modern tools like Notion are revolutionizing the scouting process, making it more efficient and organized. Today, we’ll introduce you to the Football Scouting Template, a free and user-friendly resource designed to streamline football scouting.

Getting Started with the Notion Scout Hub Template

If you’re new to Notion, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. To get started with the Notion Scout Hub Template, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Notion Account: If you haven’t already, create a free Notion account. It’s quick and easy.
  2. Duplicate the Template: Once your account is set up, navigate to the template’s web page and click the “duplicate” button in the top right corner. This action will copy the template to your Notion workspace, making it yours to use.

Quick Tips for Using the Template

Now that you’ve got the template in your workspace, here are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • Create Player or Team Reports: The template provides two handy buttons that allow you to create new instances for player or team reports. These buttons generate auto-filled templates, making it easy for you to input information and jot down your notes.
  • Use the “New” Button: You can also add player or team reports by clicking the blue “new” button when hovering over a list or within the database itself. However, we recommend using the main buttons for a more streamlined experience.

Exploring the Template’s Pages

Within the Seif Khaled Scout Hub Template, you’ll find several pages designed to enhance your scouting process:

  1. Scout Report DB: This is the central database where all your player reports are stored. The page offers two viewing options: it defaults to a database view, but you can also switch it to a list view to suit your preference.
  2. Players By Position: This dedicated page provides a comprehensive view of all scout reports organized by player positions. It’s a valuable resource for quickly identifying talent in specific roles.
  3. Team Report DB: Similar to the player reports, the team report database is where all your team reports are kept. You can choose between a database view or a list view.
Exploring Football Scouting Template
Exploring Football Scouting Template

Template Customization

One of the great aspects of the Seif Khaled Scout Hub Template is its flexibility. You can customize the template to your specific needs. Edit, add, modify, or delete sections as necessary to tailor it to your scouting requirements. This template is meant to be a starting point, but you have the freedom to make it your own.

How do I become a football scout?

Becoming a football scout typically requires completing talent identification qualifications. The Football Association offers five levels of courses in talent identification, which are required to advance in the footballing hierarchy. In addition to obtaining these qualifications, it’s beneficial to establish a network of contacts within the sport. Obtaining coaching badges and other relevant qualifications can also enhance your prospects as a scout.


This Football Scouting Template is a game-changer for football scouts. It offers improved organization and efficiency, allowing scouts to focus on what truly matters – identifying and assessing talent. Remember that this free template is designed to give you a taste of what can be achieved with Notion’s capabilities.

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