Match Analysis- Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest in Premier League

Match Analysis: Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest, August 12, 2023


In a thrilling Premier League encounter on the 12th of August 2023, Arsenal faced off against Nottingham Forest in a match that left fans on the edge of their seats. Beyond the final scoreline, the Expected Goals (xG) flowchart offers an intricate perspective on the quality of scoring opportunities and the dynamics of the game. In this article, we delve into the xG flowchart and dissect the key match statistics to provide a comprehensive analysis of this exciting clash.

Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest Match Overview

  • Match Result: 2-1 (Arsenal)
  • xG: Arsenal 0.84 – Nottingham Forest 0.97
  • Date: August 12, 2023

xG Flowchart Analysis

The xG flowchart for the Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest match provides us with invaluable insights into the quality of chances created by both teams. Arsenal recorded an xG of 0.84, while Nottingham Forest closely followed with an xG of 0.97. Let’s break down what these figures reveal:

  1. Arsenal’s xG (0.84): This figure highlights the expected goal value for Arsenal, indicating the quality of scoring opportunities they generated throughout the match. Despite a modest xG, Arsenal managed to convert their chances into goals.
  2. Nottingham Forest’s xG (0.97): Nottingham Forest registered a slightly higher xG, suggesting that they created opportunities that were marginally more promising. However, they were unable to capitalize on these chances as effectively as Arsenal did.
xG Timing Flowchart Nottingham vs Arsenal Aug 12-2023
xG Timing Flowchart Nottingham vs Arsenal Aug 12-2023

Key Match Statistics

To gain a deeper understanding of the match’s dynamics, let’s explore some of the pivotal statistics:

  • Shots: Arsenal recorded a total of 15 shots, showcasing their attacking intent, while Nottingham Forest managed 6 shots, reflecting a more conservative approach.
  • Shots on Target: Arsenal tested the Nottingham Forest goalkeeper with 7 of their 15 shots on target, demonstrating their accuracy in front of goal. In contrast, Nottingham Forest managed only 2 shots on target out of 6.
  • Possession: Arsenal dominated possession with a commanding 78%, signifying their control of the game. Nottingham Forest held only 22% possession, emphasizing Arsenal’s dominance.
  • Total Passes: Arsenal completed an impressive 769 passes, while Nottingham Forest managed 200, highlighting Arsenal’s superior ball circulation and buildup play.
  • Pass Accuracy: Arsenal exhibited an impressive pass accuracy of 90%, with 693 successful passes. In contrast, Nottingham Forest had a pass accuracy of 69% with 137 successful passes.
  • Corners: Arsenal won 8 corners, while Nottingham Forest earned 3, underscoring Arsenal’s offensive prowess.

Goal-Scorers Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest

The match witnessed some thrilling moments with goals from the following players:

  1. Edward Nketiah (Arsenal): Nketiah opened the scoring for Arsenal in the 26th minute, courtesy of a well-placed assist from Gabriel Martinelli. His clinical finish set the tone for the home team.
  2. Bukayo Saka (Arsenal): Arsenal extended their lead in the 32nd minute when Bukayo Saka found the back of the net, with William Saliba providing the precise assist.
  3. Taiwo Awoniyi (Nottingham Forest): Nottingham Forest pulled one back in the 82nd minute as Taiwo Awoniyi capitalized on an opportunity, with Anthony Elanga delivering the crucial assist.

Shot Map Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest, August 12, 2023

Shot Map Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest, August 12, 2023
Shot Map Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest, August 12, 2023


The xG flowchart and key match statistics from the Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest clash on the 12th of August 2023 offer an insightful glimpse into the ebb and flow of the game. Arsenal’s ability to efficiently convert their chances secured them the victory, while Nottingham Forest’s spirited effort provided a captivating contest. This Premier League encounter exemplifies the captivating nature of football, where numbers and goals tell the story of a thrilling battle on the pitch.


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