UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money

UEFA Euro 2020 was postponed due to covid-19 pandemic and now it will take place in the summer of 2021 and UEFA has confirmed their won’t be any prize money reduction heading into the tournament. Euro 2020 was suppose to take place in 8 different countries however UEFA might change that to just 2 countries if pandemic situation won’t improve by March 2021.

20% increase in total prize money pool for UEFA Euro 2020:

Before the pandemic postponed the tournament, UEFA had confirmed a 20% increase in total prize money pool compared to 2016 event. €300 was distributed to participating teams in Euro 2016 and for Euro 2020 UEFA has confirmed 20% increase taking the total prize money pool to €371 million making it the biggest in tournament’s history.

UEFA predicted € 1 billion in revenue off 2017-2020 cycle of which majority comes from worldwide TV rights deals for UEFA qualifiers and UEFA Euro 2020.
Of that €1 billion UEFA plan to distribute €371 million ($456m) in prize money for participating teams and here is how the official breakdown works.

UEFA Euro Prize Money History:

Tournament’s prize money pool has increased steadily over the last 20 years. Euro 2016 (€300 million) saw a steep rise compared to 2012 (€215m) event and now Euro 2020 will become the biggest tournament in its history with a massive €371 million in prize money pool.

How much Prize Money the Winner of UEFA Euro 2020 will get ?

Considering €10 million participating fee, match winning/drawing bonus in group stages, round of 16, quarterfinal and semifinals bonus, the winner of of UEFA Euro 2020 can take home as much as €32 million.

Do players get part of the prize money ?

No, the prize money is awarded to federations. Who might or might not pay bonus to players apart from their usual salaries. Federations are not obliged by UEFA to share the prize money with players.

However different federations offer bonuses to players for achieving certain objectives for example English FA offered €1 million to every squad member if they win the Euro 2020.

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